Our series, A Good Day In The Village, is all about bringing parents together and highlighting stories of people helping you (or another parent) in need.

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The purpose of A Good Day In The Village posts are to bring parents together, and highlight real life examples of parents/other people helping you or another parent when you really needed it. The tone should be positive. This is not an opportunity to bash anyone.

If you have a blog, there will be a place to submit the link if you'd like us to link back to it. It must be publicly viewable. If you don't have a blog, no big deal. If you are on Instagram, and would like us to tag you if it's shared there, please share your IG information in the appropriate spot. Your IG account does not have to be public.

Please try to include at least one photo that is at least 1000 pixels wide. If it is a photo by a professional photographer, be sure that you have permission to post it online and provide the link to their website to give the photog credit. If it is not a photo you took or a photo you have permission to share (i.e. from Google or Pinterest) please do not submit it. The photo can be of you, your family, the person who helped you, or an image that adds visual interest and clarity to your story. Ultimately, our team will make the call if the photo will be included, but we would really appreciate your help by sending us one or a few to choose from.

PLEASE EDIT AND PROOFREAD TO THE BEST OF YOUR ABILITY BEFORE SUBMITTING. Additional edits for clarity, brevity, and grammar may be added by our team.

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